A lifestyle for dogs


Canifina is luxury dog multi brand concept store, located in the heart of Belgrade offering an exclusive shopping experience to dog lovers. We aspire to fullfill our heartfelt commitment of giving our clients an opportunity to purchase luxury dog products that are not only appealing in terms of design but also behold the highest standards of product quality. The vision and concept behind Canifina was to create a unique boutique shopping experience representative of a love for ones’ dog that also reflects and compliments a modern, contemporary lifestyle. 

The story behind our passion

Growing up in South Africa, within a family bound by a love for dogs, we have pledged to carry on celebrating and sharing our family’s passion. With generations of family involved in a unique know how towards many dog breeds, we have had the opportunity to gain experience in how to care and provide the best possible life for dogs. Therefore it is our mission to bring to life a concept that will allow us to share with you our experience and knowledge for caring and nurturing your beloved four-legged family member.

Our corporate responsibility

Canifina’s corporate responsibility stems from a true desire to proactively advocate for dogs that are in need. We strongly believe that every dog needs love and care and therefore stand behind contributing and supporting charities committed to the welfare of suffering dogs in Serbia.